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closer to nature

Legsad - perfect for the last


Legsad is the largest producer of raspberries in Poland and synonymous with the highest quality berries.


Raspberry delight.
Velvet touch of silky skin and unearthly sweetness.
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A little blue miracle. Large, juicy fruits, whose crunchy skin hides the sweetest secrets of taste.


The queen of berries. Extremely tasty and aromatic, grown lovingly heralds the summer.


Your portion of happiness.
An inconspicuous, surprising, sweetly tart taste of nature.

Premium berries from


Legsad is a Polish, family-owned company located in the warmest region of Poland. 18 years of experience, passion and modern technologies result in raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and strawberries of the highest quality.

Quality worthy of premium products is a priority for us, which is why we are constantly improving our production and implementing proven technologies to achieve the best berry characteristics.

Proven anti-cancer effects

A taste, that surprises

An appearance that impresses

A fragrance that tempts

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Rich in minerals and antioxidants

Color that enchants

Durability that delights


Fruits from Legsad

feel the difference

Closer to Consumers

We grow every day to share products with unparalleled qualities.

Closer to Employees

We nurture relationships based on mutual respect and trust.

Closer to Perfection

We improve technological processes and introduce modern varieties, achieving masterful results.

Closer to Home

We interact and support each other for the benefit of local communities and the surrounding world.

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Your partner in transporting fruit and more.

Legsad is not only a producer and supplier of berries, but also a leader in comprehensive logistics services. We offer unparalleled quality in the transportation of food products, providing not only excellent warehouse locations and experience, but also an innovative approach to every stage of logistics.

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Your guarantee of product freshness and state-of-the-art packaging services.

We have a modern packing house with an area of 2,600 m2, equipped with technologies to ensure the highest quality and efficiency. We provide fruit packing and sorting services all year round. We provide fast and efficient packing – up to 120 punnets per minute, 150 thousand per shift.


Explore our fruit


Your workplace

We invite you to join our team.
If your goal or expectation is seasonal work, we welcome you to join us. Legsad is a family company where a good working atmosphere is the basis. Our greatest value is our people. Here we appreciate your commitment, ambition and conscientiousness. From season to season there are more and more of us.


We apply high safety standards and undergo regular audits to ensure that our customers are reaching for the highest quality product.