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Sustainable development

Responsible resources


Legsad uses sustainable practices to minimize negativity impact on the environment, protecting biodiversity and supporting local communities.

Water management

drip irrigation systems that minimize water losses


automating fruit packaging and sorting processes to increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption

Sustainable transport

Optimization of delivery routes to reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions

Ethics and transparency

ensuring fair product prices, decent working and accommodation conditions, cooperation with local contractors

Education and awareness

encouraging employees to get involved in company initiatives, informing customers about pro-ecological activities, employee training on sustainable development

Social Responsibility

supporting local communities, open days for children and teenagers, equal treatment in employment

Support of the local


Legsad supports activities for the commune where our plantations are located.

Open days

We regularly organize open days for schools, during which students have the opportunity to learn about the fruit growing process and experience fascinating facts related to fruit growing.

Harvest festival

We deliver fruit for municipal harvest festivals and for the local community. 

We take into account individual needs reported by local institutions.

Football team

We are the official sponsor of the Legsad Koscielec sports team, which we obtained historic promotion to the district league by scoring the highest number of goals so far throughout Poland during the league season.

Improved social and housing conditions

for employees

Legsad takes care of social and housing conditions on an ongoing basis.

Modern offices

In 2023, we opened very comfortable, nicely and modernly furnished and spacious offices with the well-being of our employees in mind.

Additionally, the beautiful surroundings of the workplace, green fields blooming in spring rapeseed, away from the city, gives a positive mood for work.

800 beds

We currently have 500 beds in plantation houses.

By the end of 2024, we will provide another 300 employees with new apartments, designed for their comfortable and safe living.

The comfort of living

We make sure that every employee has access to basic amenities such as clean water, heating, and access to the kitchen and places of rest.

Moreover, creating a friendly and supportive residential community will contribute to improving the quality of life of employees and their job satisfaction.

Healthy fruit on your


Legsad takes care of the natural richness of flavors on your table.

Zero pesticide residues

We strive to limit the use of chemicals in favor of biological protection and constantly striving to reduce residue levels on our fruit.

This is possible thanks to the trusted partners we work with.


Professional nurseries, consulting companies, laboratories and suppliers of biological protection products support us in production, thanks to which we obtain excellent quality fruit.

Thanks to them, we are sure that our berries are safe even for sensitive consumers.

Sustainable ecosystem

-establishing hives on our plantations

-the important role of bees in pollinating our plants

-own honey production